Friday, March 25, 2011

My Review of 127 Hours

I'm not a critic, but I'll review it because I feel like my opinion is valid.

In a nutshell, Aron Ralston was a dick and decided to go chill in Blue John Canyon by himself without telling anyone where the hell he was going.
He falls in a hole, gets his arm stuck to a boulder, and is forced to decide whether he should sit there and wait to die or do something about his problem.
So he cuts his arm off.
It's truly an inspiring story.
If I were ever in that position, I would have knocked my head against the boulder repeatedly in order to cause enough brain damage and eventually kill myself.
Who the hell even cuts their own arm off?
I cry when I stub my toe.
However, Aron Ralston is a badass motherfucker and continues to climb mountains and do all that athletic stuff I don't do because I am lazy and I don't have a life.
You should watch the movie.
It's awesome.
Just do it.
Here's the trailer because I'm generous.


  1. This is an excellent movie. I highly recommend it to everyone. Followed!

  2. I thought it would have made a good documentary rather than a movie, I mean it was okay but I definitely wanted my £5.30 back.