Friday, March 4, 2011

I forgot I had a blog

I'm really bad at updating these things.
However, I'm more than ready to keep you up to date with my exciting life!
There are no sarcastic undertones in this entire blog post whatsoever.

Anyway, today I think I fell in love.
Or my vagina did.
Normally, I would find it awkward to blog about my vagina, especially when I dedicated three entire blogs to it and realized posts such as "I bled today" and "I am lonely" were not follower worthy.
However, it fell in love with this man named Patrick.
He looks like Ash Stymest except more homosexual and I like it.
If I were not the more socially inept version of Liz Lemon, then I'd probably pursue this Patrick character.
Depression hurts.

My life is hard and I blog about important things.

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